21. The invasion by the French under Napoleon (1812) - Poetry N. Kershaw

It happened in the land of France,

Our dog of an enemy, King Napoleon, appeared. He collected an army from various lands,

He loaded his galleys with various goods,

And these various goods were lead and powder; And he wrote a dispatch to the Tsar Alexander;

'I beg you, Tsar Alexander, I beg you, do not be angry,

Prepare for me a lodging in the Kremlin of Moscow,

Prepare your royal palace for me, the French king

The Tsar Alexander sat down in his chair to think it over,

The expression of his royal countenance changed; Before him stood a general — Prince Kutuzov himself:

`Fear not, fear not, Tsar Alexander, do not be dismayed!

We will welcome him half-way, that dog of a foe.

We will prepare him delicacies of bombs and bullets,

As an entree we will present him with deadly grapeshot,

So that his warriors will march home again under their banners'. Then our Tsar Alexander rejoiced greatly,

The Tsar Alexander cried out and proclaimed in a loud voice: `Exert yourselves to the utmost, you warrior Cossacks,

And I will richly reward your horsemen,

I will confer high rank upon your officers;

I will discharge you, my children, to the glorious silent Don'.