35. Lenin finds a new flat in the Kremlin

​34. The declaration of war on Germany in August (1914)

​33. Holy Week in the Kremlin before the First World War

32. Easter ceremonies (1906)

31. The coronation of Nicholas II (1896)

​30. A banquet for the Prince of Wales given by the Governor-General of Moscow

29. The entrée joyeuse into the Kremlin of Tsar Alexander II after his coronation

28. The Kremlin as seen by the Earl of Mayo

27. ​The Treasury - The Empire of the Czar

26. The Kremlin as seen by the Marquis de Custine

25. The Kremlin as seen by a British naval captain

24. ​The end of Pushkin's exile (1826)

​23. The coronation of Nicholas I (1826)

22. The burning of the Kremlin, 15-16 September 1812

21. The invasion by the French under Napoleon (1812) - Poetry N. Kershaw

20. The coronation of Tsar Paul I in the Kremlin (1797)

​19. The Empress Elisabeth's transvestite balls

18. Catherine the Great's betrothal while still a German princess (1743)

17. The great bell of the Kremlin

16. The revolt of the Streltsy in 1698 in Peter the Great's absence

15. ​The riot of the Streltsy, 1682, and the death of Ivan Naryshkin

​14. The Tsars before the reign of Peter I

​13. The Earl of Carlisle is received by Tsar Alexis as British Ambassador from Charles II

12. ​Tsar Alexis and the Patriarch Nikon's conflict (1658 and 1664)

11. Routine court business. The First Romanovs (1613-1725)

​10. The election of Boyar Mikhail Romanov as Tsar (1613)

9. The wedding of Tsar Dmitry and killing Tsar Dmitry (1606)

8. Eyewitness account of the private life and customs of the 'false' Tsar Dmitry

7. The Troubled Times (Smutniye Vremena 1598-1613)

6. The attack on Moscow by the Khan of the Crimea, during the reign of Ivan the Terrible (1571)

​5. Of the manner of crowning or inauguration of the Rus emperors (1584)

​4. Witches foretell the death of Ivan the Terrible in (1584)

​3. Of Mosco the chief Citie of the kingdome and of the Emperour thereof Ivan the Terrible (1584)

​2. The Byzantine connection and the lifting of the Tartar yoke

The Earliest History of Kremlin

Expansion of the Kremlin

The Trinity and Commandant Towers

The Defensive Towers

The Romanov Additions

The Kremlin Churches

1. The legend of its foundation from The Kremlin